Dog tips camera during proposal

Oct. 21, 2011 at 1:30 PM ET

Macey the Labrador was a welcome guest at Chris Nicholson's marriage to proposal Amanda. The couple posted the video of Macey knocking over the camera on YouTube in March and called it "Dog ruins proposal." 

Since then, the couple lost their home to tornadoes in Alabama. Amanda says, "Chris, Macey and I huddled in the bathroom as the tornado passed over us...After jumping households and staying with family members while we looked for a home, we lost our sweet lab, Macey, to heat exhaustion. She had been a part of us from the beginning and we were devastated by this loss."

The Nicholson's married in August. Amanda says "our new dog, Lady, a tornado rescue, was a part of our ceremony. We are now happily married and we have to disagree that our sweet Macey ruined anything about our proposal."