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'David Gregory' (the pup) gets a new home -- and a new name

Oct. 24, 2012 at 11:32 AM ET

David Gregory, the dog, and David Gregory, the anchor.

Remember when "David Gregory" appeared on TODAY looking for a home? We are happy to report that the pup, one of a litter of Chihuahuas named after the TODAY anchors, has finally been adopted!

The Green family, who didn't even know the pooch was on TODAY, had been looking for a dog over the last three months. They went to the website for New York pet adoption center Animal Haven, saw David, and fell in love.

At first, the family wasn't familiar with the more famous David Gregory.

"I did later Google him and did recognize him," Soo Green said in an email. The Greens decided in the end that David the pup needed a name change, and after much discussion, he was renamed Bentley.

"'David Gregory' was too long for us," Green said. "Hope [the anchor] is not too offended."

We're just happy the cute pooch found a loving new home! Take a look at Bentley having fun with his new family in the photos below:

Soo Green /
Sabrina Green cuddles with the new family dog, Bentley.
Soo Green /
Home sweet home! Sophie Green gives Bentley a hug.
Soo Green /
Bentley looks comfortable and happy in the laps of new owners Sabrina and Sophie.
Soo Green /
The former "David Gregory" is getting used to his new home at the Green's house.

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