Cutest thing TODAY: Porcupine snacks on sweet potato

Dec. 28, 2011 at 12:37 PM ET


Similarly to a thorny rose, a porcupine pricked staffers' hearts this morning.

And not just any porcupine — this veggie-loving rodent was noshing on a sweet potato! We were glued to the utter adorableness in complete delight.

We're not exactly sure why the prehensile tailed porcupine, which is native to Brazil, captured our imagination. Maybe it was because we felt nothing could come close to Siku, the 1-month-old polar bear who stuck out his tongue on Tuesday's show. How wrong we were.

Before you call us crazy, watch the video below again.

Then let us know in the poll which one of the animals shown by the National Wildlife Federation's David Mizejewski was your favorite.

What's the strangest animal you've found cute? Do any of you crush on crocodiles or go gaga over geese? Confess in the comments!

Steve Veres is an editor for It's too bad he didn't get a porcupine for Christmas. There's always next year, he guesses.