Cross-eyed cat is focus of Web's attention

Sep. 27, 2012 at 12:48 PM ET

Spangles the cross-eyed cat wears a lot of hats. When he’s not slinking around the house trying to sneak a snuggle, the 3-year-old mixed-breed can often be found modeling for owner Mary Buchanan, 25, in a colorful cap. One day he's a tiger (his costume of choice); the next, a unicorn.

A year and a half ago, Buchanan created a Facebook page for Spangles and started posting pictures of her cross-eyed cutie. The puss's page has since garnered almost 7,000 likes, and photos of the cat in his swashbuckling costumes can now be found all over the Internet.

A neighbor gave Spangles to Buchanan when he was just 5 months old. She calls him a "mama's boy."

“I know how cute he is, but I didn’t know that people would like him that much,” Buchanan, who lives in Spartanburg, S.C., told “He just blew up about a week ago.”

Spangles may be quite the fashionisto, but like many great models, he doesn't depend on the clothes: He works the camera with the irresistible eyes he was born with. And don’t be upset for the pet: His distinctive peepers have had no effect on his ability to get around.

“He’s never wobbled or run into things,” Buchanan said.

Mary Buchanan / Rex USA /
Two years ago, Spangles came close to losing one of his most precious assets when a catfish hook became caught in his eyelid and almost punctured his eyeball. Fortunately it was extracted safely.

Though usually camera-ready, the cross-eyed cat can get a little cross at times. Some days he’ll jump to the floor and “very dramatically” try to take his hat off.

“I once tried taking pictures in his unicorn outfit, and he wouldn’t have it. He’ll jump down and scoot across the floor,” Buchanan told “Most of the time you just have to try and see.”

Mary Buchanan / Rex USA /
Snuggles' favorite outfit is a tiger hat, which he often wears around the house.

One of Buchanan’s favorite photos is of Spangles in his pirate hat. He reached for the camera during the shoot and looked so cross-eyed that Buchanon burst into laughter.

It’s not an unusual scene around her house. “If I’m feeling down or depressed I just look at him and start laughing,” she said. “He lifts people up and makes them feel good.”

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