Circle of Life spins on: 'Lion King' cubs born in Germany

Oct. 21, 2011 at 1:03 PM ET

Holger Hollemann / AFP - Getty Images /
Five-week old baby lion Simba is photographed at the Serengeti Park, a zoo in northern Germany, on Oct. 19.
Holger Hollemann / EPA /
Five-week-old lion cub Nala gets her eyes checked.
Holger Hollemann / EPA /
Lion cub Nala considers a (big) cat nap.
Holger Hollemann / AFP - Getty Images /
From left, baby lions Nala, Simba and Asali.

Named after characters from “The Lion King," 5-week-old lion cubs (from left) Nala, Simba and Asali were brought outside Oct. 19 at the Serengeti Park in Germany so  isitors could get a glimpse of them. Born Sept. 14, the cubs had a routine exam that included a check of their teeth, claws, eyes, ears, weight and behavior.

The Hodenhagen Serengeti Safari Park, Germany's biggest safari and big game reserve, has more than 1,500 exotic animals.