Catwalk! Couple to sell home transformed into cat playground

America’s most famous cat haven is for sale

Bob Walker and Frances Mooney's home may look ordinary from the outside, but inside it's a veritable cat adventure park.

When photographer Bob Walker and his wife Frances Mooney moved into their San Diego home in 1986, they decided to fix it up — for their 10 cats.

Over the years, the couple has constructed a floor-to-ceiling scratching post, complete with connecting beams that allow their cats to wander and play throughout most of the house. And the cats immediately took to their new setup, preferring their private playground above to the floor below.

Now Walker and Mooney are moving on from the home they've constructed for their cats, leaving behind the colorful beams and bars for a new abode in Washington, D.C., that will someday contain similar catwalks.

In light of the move, they've repainted the formerly bright house back to neutral white, but the structures remain intact, just waiting for a new brood to start scratching, clawing and climbing them.

See images of the cat house here.


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