Can you guess the baby animal in this ultrasound?

June 5, 2012 at 5:13 PM ET

ABQ BioPark Zoo /
Is it a bird? A lion? Can you guess the animal in this image?

Take a look at the above ultrasound. What do you see? 

If you're not sure, that's ok. Most of us in the office couldn't make sense of it either. But if you guessed that this shows a baby elephant, you'd be right!

ABQ BioPark Zoo /
This ultrasound shows a baby elephant about the size of a fist. The elephant will gain 200 to 250 pounds over the next 18 months.

The ultrasound, taken June 1, shows the calf being carried by the ABQ BioPark Zoo's Asian elephant, Rozie. Rozie's calf was conceived by an in-house artificial insemination. The BioPark zoo is one of only a few facilities that can perform the procedure. This will be the second calf for the elephant, who already has a three-year-old daughter named Daizy. 

Ray Watt /
Mother and daughter together: Daizy, Rozie's first calf, better get ready to be a big sister!

The baby in this ultrasound is due to arrive in November 2013. Congrats, Rozie!


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