Jill Rappaport

Bow To Wow: 4 precious pups for the whole family

Aug. 29, 2012 at 8:48 AM ET

With summer winding down and the kiddies going back to school, it's time for our Bow To Wow back-to-school special! And again we found a fabulous group of pooches at Animal Care and Control of New York City. They're not only personality plus, but also great with kids.

We start with "Shu Shu," a precious Brussels Griffon mix, who loves to cuddle in your lap, look lovingly in your eyes and nod off shortly thereafter. Then we have a spicy little pooch named "Pepper." This black-and-white special is stunning to look at and has a stellar personality to match.

Next up, underneath a mop of hair, is a beautiful boy named "Buttons." This Cocker Spaniel mix puts the "m" in mellow and the "s" in sweet! And finally, a snuggle muffin if there ever was one — meet "Snukems," a black, grey and white Terrier mix that looks a whole lot like "Toto!"

But she is definitely not in Kansas — she is here in NYC and waiting patiently with all these other amazing animals for a permanent home. Mother tested, kid approved!

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