From Baron Von Doodle to Chairman Meow, zaniest pet names

April 11, 2012 at 3:36 PM ET

You say you've brought home an adorable new puppy but aren’t sure what to call it? How about Fatty Mcbutterpants? Or Baron Von Doodle?

Oh, sorry – those are taken. They’re just two of the peculiar pet names compiled by Banfield Pet Hospital, the largest private veterinary practice in America.

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Does this bundle of love look like he deserves a lifetime of costly pet therapy? Avoid the heartbreak of zany pet names!

Banfield has some 780 veterinary clinics in its database, so it has a lot of names from which to cull its annual list. Of course, the majority of Banfield’s patients have prosaic monikers like Buddy and Mr. Whiskers, but tucked among all the Fluffies and Fidos are some real goofy ones  – the animal equivalent of Rob Morrow’s daughter (Tu Morrow), or Penn Jillette’s (Moxie Crimefighter).

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Please don't call me Fatty Mcbutterpants: I'll never hear the end of it in obedience school!

How goofy, you ask? Goofy enough to get these unfortunate pets laughed out of obedience school and sent home with their tails hanging between their legs. Herewith, Banfield Pet Hospital’s Top 10 Weirdest and Wildest Pet Names:

  1. Fatty Mcbutterpants
  2. Sir Goose Slobberalot
  3. Beetle Juice Monster Pants
  4. Chairman Meow
  5. Honey’s Lil Midnight Moonshine
  6. Lord Godrick Von Mousenberg
  7. Emperor Chewy Teddybear
  8. Cookie Fudge Rainbow
  9. Baron Von Doodle
  10. Alyssa Butter Scooch editor Rick Schindler’s porn star name is Tinkerbell Westfield. What’s yours?

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