From the backyard to the office, your Take Your Dog to Work Day photos

June 22, 2012 at 2:35 PM ET

Submitted by Candrea Balekian / UGC /
Jaxon: Working is tough!

For some people, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day, but for most of us the annual June Friday (which fell in the 22nd this year) is the one day we get to show our animal companions where we disappear to when we leave them each morning.

We asked you to remember to bring your cameras to work along with your canines and you did! Here are some of the photos you sent us showing your dogs exploring your workplace (though whether these hounds help or hinder your work is another question!)

If you want to submit a photo from Take Your Dog to Work Day, click here. If you take your dog to work every day, we want to see those photos too!

We'll do another post with more of your pictures on Monday!

Facebook/Seattle Police Department /
Canine coppers: Even the Seattle Police Department is getting in on the fun!
Submitted by Renee Hicks / UGC /
Do you sell bone insurance?
Submitted by Pete Conley / UGC /
Our "formal" work portrait: Gracie and Pete.
Submitted by Amy Ermie / UGC /
Sloopy is hard at work!
Submitted by Rhonda Thompson / UGC /
Kinda blocking my screen...but she thinks she's helping.
Submitted by Natalya Zahn / UGC /
Oscar, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, accompanies illustrator Natalya Zahn to her studio nearly every day. (Photo credit: Heather McGrath for the Improper Bostonian)
Sumbitted by Jack DiLuna / UGC /
Reg relaxes in Jack's home office. Jack tries to "bring his dog to work" often, but he has to be lured in from the outside with cheese.
Submitted by Jenny Christman / UGC /
Happy to be at work with mom.
Submitted by Leah Lazarz / UGC /
Hagen is ready to take a break and hit the water cooler.
Submitted by Cynthia Karl / UGC /
I want my mommy to pay attention to me, instead of working!
Submitted by Alexander Herrera / UGC /
Listening to my boss on a Friday? I don't think so.
Submitted by Julie Torres / UGC /
Venus at Sola Boutique in Austin.
Submitted by Patricia Casale / UGC /
The real boss!!!
Submitted by Ashley Bodi / UGC /
It's obvious that someone doesn't want us to get any work done today...
Submitted by Ty Rogers / UGC /
Roscoe P. Coltrane (dog) drinking from one of the dog friendly water fountains on the Amazon.com campus in Seattle, Washington.
Submitted by Dawn Quinn / UGC /
Hard to get work done when she insists on being on the desk!


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