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Back in the water! Here are more of your wet pets

May 25, 2012 at 11:32 AM ET

In the watery wake of the overwhelming response to's initial call-out for photos of your pets getting wet, we are happy to bring you another great bunch of pictures. Be sure to check out the first post, which included loads of soggy doggies, a hosed-down horse and even a freshly-scrubbed ferret!

But don't grab that towel just yet! We'll be bringing you one more post of wet pet images, so check back soon to Animal Tracks for more great pics of your bathing beasts.

Submitted by Brandi Guerrero / UGC /
Shake it! Chuck dries off after playing in the pool.
Submitted by Jennifer Sommerville / UGC /
Giving a parrot from Project Perry a shower. Project Perry is an organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary of parrots living in captivity.
Submitted by Leslie Jones / UGC /
Check out that tonue! Best water fountain, ever!
Submitted by Carrie Giao / UGC /
What a face! This is what it feels like to take a bath?
Submitted by Karen Swope / UGC /
Blue, a Jack Russell terrier, is wild about the water!
Submitted by Kris Buenger / UGC /
Ping the Pomeranian, who at 9 months old, surprised the whole family by jumping into the pool and swimming along with everyone!
Submitted by Cera Wadsworth / UGC /
Loca loves to leap in this pond after a long run with her owner and sister.
Submitted by Heather Weller / UGC /
Lexi's first bath. She loves to take them.
Submitted by Stacey Malek / UGC /
Time for some colorful fetch!
Submitted by Peggy Lee / UGC /
Charlie after a long day of hunting frogs
Submitted by Christie Brantley / UGC /
Peewee loves swimming in the Texas heat!
Submitted by Katie May / UGC /
Lucy quenching her thirst at a water fountain.
Submitted by Peggy Lee / UGC /
Skyler loves to swim.
Submitted by Allison Plemons / UGC /
Sage cooling down in a puppy pool.
Submitted by Leah Meyerhoff / UGC /
Koda takes a bath.
Submitted by Laurie Machado / UGC /
Declan soaking in the sun after a dip at the beach.



 From the bathtub to the beach, here are your wet pets!

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