Cutest thing ever

Baby lion, tiger and monkey take a snuggle break at 'animal kindergarten'

May 2, 2013 at 12:37 PM ET

Image: SHENYANG, May 1, 2013  A triplet of baby monkey, tiger and lion cuddle at the ''animial kindergarten'' of a zoo in Shenyang, capital of northeast Chin...
Zhang Wenkui /
A trio of baby animals cuddle up together in a Chinese zoo on May 1.

A lion, a tiger and a monkey — oh my! This snuggling trio is enough to send your heart aflutter (and stir daydreams about becoming a zookeeper).

The unlikely cuddlers were caught cozying up together at the “animal kindergarten” of a zoo in Shenyang, China. Could it be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

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