Animals line up for the London Zoo's annual weigh-in 

Aug. 21, 2013 at 10:45 AM ET

It's that time again — when animals (and insects) big and small are measured at the London Zoo. Wednesday begins the process of monitoring every animal, a process that takes all year. According to zoo officials, the keepers are responsible for recording the height and weight of more than 16,000 animals, including tigers, camels, frogs and much more. 

The measurements are then recorded and shared with zoos around the world. Zoologists use the information to compare statistics on thousands of endangered species.

African bullfrog
Leon Neal / AFP - Getty Images
It's not easy being green: An African bullfrog is placed on a weighing scale.

Zoological director David Field says the information helps zoos monitor animals' health, diets and general well-being. 

"By sharing it with other zoos and conservationists, we can use this knowledge to protect wild animals, and use it to assess their health, their behaviors and even their ages,” Field said in a press release.

Video: Zookeepers at London Zoo record the weight and measurements of their animals in an annual weigh-in.

Take a look at the wide range of animals and insects getting ready for their inspection:

Jungle Nymph
Leon Neal / AFP - Getty Images
A Jungle Nymph stays still long enough for zookeepers to get his weight.

royal python
Bethany Clarke / Getty Images
A royal python starts to slither off of the scale while being weighed.

Tammy, a Tree anteater, is weighed during the London Zoo's annual weigh-in in London on August 21, 2013. The task involves weighing and measuring the ...
LEON NEAL / AFP - Getty Images
Tammy, a tree anteater, is fed by a zookeeper from a jar to keep him from wandering off.

Bactrian camel
Leon Neal / AFP - Getty Images
Noemie, a Bactrian camel, is fed while being weighed.

waxy monkey tree frog
Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters
A waxy monkey tree frog is weighed in a special frog measuring device.

Tawny Owl
Leon Neal / AFP - Getty Images
Owlberta, a Tawny owl, stays on its perch.

African Land Snail
Leon Neal / AFP - Getty Images
An African land snail eats lettuce while being weighed.

Sumatran tiger
Leon Neal / AFP-Getty Images
Jae Jae, a Sumatran tiger, is teased from above to get his height.
Image: Oregon Hummingbird
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