2 rescue pups are ready to roll your way

Honey and Badger have been on a roll since November.

The sister and brother Toy Fox Terriers were born without front legs (a result of bad breeding practices) and initially got around by hopping like rabbits on their back limbs.

But now, thanks to a Washington state-based prosthetics company, the adorable duo have a quicker mode of transportation: customized carts.

"We put the wheels on them and they've been going ever since," rescue worker Patti Mauldin told TODAY's Dylan Dreyer. "A lot of times dogs like Honey and Badger are euthanized by the breeder before they're old enough to go to a shelter and get adopted out."

Before the custom carts, the pair's first step was to learn how to doggy paddle through hydrotherapy sessions.

"They did need to get the swimming motion down so that they could start putting their hips in the right formation," Mauldin said.

The two-wheel mechanisms fits snugly around the dogs' shoulders and torsos, simultaneously providing support and speed.

Unfortunate for Honey and Badger, but good news for pet-loving viewers, the disabled dogs don't have a home yet. Though the pups went up for adoption more than a year ago they haven't yet had any takers.

The rescue group (quite understandably) insists they be adopted together. For more information on adopting Honey and Badger, visit Valhalla Canine Rescue.

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