Your cute kids

Your cute kids: Fun in the winter snow... and sun

March 8, 2012 at 2:47 PM ET

It's true that in many parts of the country, this winter has been mild, to put it mildly. But while kids may mourn the lack of snow -- and resulting dearth of snow days -- at least they have been able to play outside more than usual. (And, of course, there are other areas of the country where it's snow business as usual!) TODAY Moms asked for your photos of kids enjoying winter-time, whatever the season looks like in your neck of the woods (as Al Roker would say). Here are some of our favorites from our "Your Cute Kids" Facebook page -- we got so many great pictures, this is part one in a two-part series!

And do you have a kid..and a kitten or cat? Our next Your Cute Kids call out is "Kittens and Kiddies!" (since  it's a purr-fect combination). Head to our Facebook page to sumbit your photos of your children with their favorite feline friends, and we'll pick a sampling to feature on our TODAY Moms blog.

Laci Hart /
Hynlee, 8 months, headed out for a drive in her remote control ride-in car
Michelle Dubreuil /
Maliyah & Malikai, my snow babies
Valerie Hamann /
Nicolas, 17 months, says get these mittens off me!
Carrie Marquisse /
First snowman of the winter for Emily and Anna
Anastishia Barnes Anastishia /
Ellie slides through winter in Santa Cruz, CA
Jenny Shorter /
Kadyn, 7: Finally, snow!
Stacey Symons /
Piper, 1, is too cool for snow!


Molly Pagel /
Hazel, 2, wishing for snow.
Jennifer Armao /
Michael, 5, doesn't let a little snow stop him from sliding in Warren, N.J.

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