What scares Tiger Mom Amy Chua? We do!

Jan. 3, 2012 at 12:45 PM ET

She's ba-aaaaaaaaaaack!

Tiger Mom, that is.

Amy Chua returned to TODAY to talk about the reaction to her momoir, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother," in which she proclaimed her strict parenting philosophy to be superior to traditional American parenting. In case you've forgotten, some of her golden rules for her two daughters included: mandatory piano and violin (enforced with hours of daily practice, with mom standing over and criticizing any mistakes); grades lower than A are not allowed; no sleepovers, playdates or extracurriculars other than piano or violin.

And if her daughters dared step out of line, Chua would berate them with words like lazy, pathetic and garbage. (This all comes straight from her book -- which, for the record, I did read in full.)

Chua said she was taken aback by the strong reaction to her book. "The internet is scary," she said. Right back atcha, Tiger Mom!

She especially didn't like people attacking her children -- apparently that's mom's job. But she appreciated how her two daughters sprung to her defense. "My girls are amazing," she said on TODAY.

Chua did admit -- briefly, blink and you'll miss it -- to Ann Curry that she regrets some of the harsh words she used against her daughters. But, she says, "If I had to do it all over again I would raise my kids the same way. I'm a proud, strict mom."

And, she says she's cut the Tiger Mom strings now that her oldest daughter is at Harvard. She even forgot to attend her Parents' Weekend at college!

Check out the full interview and tell us what you think. Are you on Team Tiger Mom? Or do you think her 15 minutes of fame should be over now?


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