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We're just like Brad -- our kids injure us, too!

Jan. 13, 2012 at 11:10 AM ET

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Brad Pitt hit the red carpet with a cane after a kid-induced injury.

Apparently Brad Pitt was carrying daughter Vivienne, 3, and slipped down a hill. Like any heroic dad, he took the fall – she didn’t sustain any injuries – and as a result hit the red carpet recently with a cane to help him walk.

It’s not every day we can relate to the hunkiest movie star in the world, but on this occasion, we can.

Because parenting little people can get rough sometimes. Even something as simple as tying a shoe can result in calamity. True story: My son, then 2, kicked me in the nose so hard that I cried on the spot. (I swear it was broken.)

We asked TODAY Moms to tell us their war stories on our Facebook page, and while reading the responses, all we could think was: We feel your pain!

Those in the SAB (Same As Brad) category included Melissa Williams, who wrote:

Fell holding a baby and broke the fall with my knee. Was rocking crutches for a couple days! I've also been hit on pretty much every body part by pretty much any type of toy! Being a stay at home mom is tough on the body!

Cheryl Morgan Kramer  said that her husband tripped while carrying  their 18 month old son (who was fine). Dad? Not so good.

Landed full force on his knee....2 surgeries later...he is finally starting to heal.

Eliza Scheeda slipped on a toy car going up the stairs while carrying  her one year old. The physical injury was offset by the moral lesson for her kids. She writes:

Sprained my wrist but baby was fine and it made my older son finally understand why we don't play on or near the stairs.

Lisa Pylant fell down some stairs at a friend’s house while carrying her daughter. She sustained a broken toe  “and a great pair of heels!” but her daughter was safe.  

Joy Reaney Neville also took a tumble down the stairs holding her infant child, who was unharmed. She says:

It's amazing what you do when your child is at risk of getting hurt. I'm not even sure how I managed to hold him so steady when falling.

If it isn’t falling down, it’s something else. Those in the WWE category (aka: Getting the ultimate head butt) include Jessica Reagan Morse, who got a fat lip from being head butted.  Sarah Manville Gann’s head-to-head combat resulted in broken capillaries in her nose.

From heads, we move to the eyes that have be blackened, bruised and shined.

Heather Schultz Dragone took a Metal tonka truck to the side of her face. She writes:

 Had a bruise for weeks!! My husband got a black eye from our 2yr old which I found pretty funny!!

Julie Charbonnet Whetstine says:

I had a wonderful black eye after my son nailed me with his head while sitting on my lap while we were reading books -- and of course I always had bruised shins from backyard soccer...

Melissa Cerone Mercay had the double whammy of a head-butt resulting in a black eye.

 This past summer my son was upset and slammed his head forward and hit me right in the eye. Gave me a black eye on our first day of vacation! The joys!!.. :)

And while Julia Ebmeyer Kelley didn’t get the black eye, she did see stars, after her 2-year-old “accidentally hit me on the side of the face with his play football helmet.”   Ouch.

In the “other mishaps” category comes a host of painful-sounding injuries.

Jessica Atherton has been on crutches since November with a torn meniscus and impacted fracture. The cause? 

You may think I got into some kind of wicked accident, but really I was just putting my son into the car. I tell people it was from a cage fight !

Sohni Haque Dailey  posed the question:

Caught a cookie sheet on my wrist as it was coming out of the oven to prevent my 3 year old from catching it..does that count? Sucker blistered right up.

Yes, Sohni, that counts.

Sian Houle got into trouble when she picked up her flailing daughter.

I didn't want to drop her, of course, so I ended up with two loose teeth that actually migrated backword. I think I need braces now.

TODAY Moms editor Rebecca Cook Dube says there’s a nice side to getting hurt. You get to see your child show empathy. She recently bumped into her son’s head and got her chin conked so har her jaw rattled. She writes:

I was stunned for a minute and he said "You OK mommy?" Sweet... but painful.

Of course, parents aren’t the only victims. Grandparents get their share of pain. Jackie Lewis tells us that when her son was 2 years old, he accidentally scratched his grandfather's cornea.

My father said that was one of the most painful injuries he ever had, his eye healed after about 2 years

Adds Ayenda Baskette:

 I have four children and a grand..there are too many [injuries] to count..

But all the pain is worth it, moms (and Brad)... right?

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