Veterans Day salute to military moms and dads (get your tissues out!)

Nov. 11, 2011 at 9:00 AM ET

Courtesy Ruth Laken /
Just like Daddy...

If Veterans Day isn't enough to get the patriotic tears flowing, wait until you see this amazing gallery of photos. Thanks to all who shared pics in our TODAY Moms Facebook "Your Cute Kids" photo submissions for this week. We were blown away by the snippets of memories you shared with us. We salute all of the parents who sacrifice time with their families to give to their countries. Thank you, and happy Veterans Day!

Courtesy Taryn Braid /
USCG - BM3 Braid with his daughter!
Courtesy Alisha Auge /
Eva, 2 months, and her Daddy
Courtesy Ashley Williams /
Push-up competition between Chrisa, 6, and her dad.
Courtesy Seanda Bradshaw /
Josiah, Jack, Luke say, "Daddy's home!"
Courtesy Ashley Williams /
This is an Army family.
Courtesy Frances Wolf /
Anna and Gracie say, "We miss you Daddy."
Courtesy Julia Kemp /
Lizzie, 6, has a salute for her her deploying stepfather.
Courtesy Shanna Kadlubar /
Lucinda, 2, there to witness the last flight
Melissa Boilard /
Matilda, 18 months, has a day to remember.
Courtesy Sara Schimpf /
Daddy's early morning work.
Courtesy Anne /
Claudia, 1, says welcome home Dad!
Courtesy Renee K. /
Addison, 1, gives a goodbye kiss for Daddy, who is leaving for Afghanistan.
Courtesy Ruthie /
Rowan, 1, is Daddy's girl!
Courtesy Kalee Werner /
Grant, 1, greeting Daddy!
Courtesy Katherine Palmer /
I'll miss you, son - headed to Afghanistan 24 days after the birth of our son, Andrew.
Courtesy Bev Arnold /
James, 9, with his dad...retired at last.
Courtesy Crystal Withem /
Aurora, 6 weeks, saying goodbye to Daddy.
Courtesy Ashley Goode /
Eva, 1, with tears after a year.
Courtesy Rhiannon Willard /
Wyatt, 18 months, deploying Mom!

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