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Unique baby names for girls: 5 ways to pick the perfect one

Oct. 17, 2013 at 4:37 PM ET

Unique Baby Names for Girls
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Jessica Simpson and Maxwell -- Unique Baby Names for Girls --

Choosing a baby name is only a decision that your daughter will have to live with every day for the rest of her life—no pressure! While some parents are all about family or traditional names, many are looking for unique baby names for girls; a moniker unusual enough that she’s unlikely to have another kid with the same name in her class, but not so weird that she gets constant flak about it.

How do you find just-right unique baby names for girls? Check out these ideas:

Consider boy names

Capitalize on a big naming trend happening right now: using a traditional masculine name for a girl. Jessica Simpson did it with daughter Maxwell, as did Kristen Bell with her baby girl Lincoln. Other boy-names-as-girl-names: Dylan, Owen, Blake, Taylor, Drew, Bailey and Charlie.

Try an alternate spelling

If you have your heart set on a name but it feels too run-of-the-mill, tweak it with an alternative spelling. Jane becomes Jayne, Alex becomes Alyx. Sophia becomes Sofia.

Comb your favorite books, shows, music and movies

A great name is all about the lovely connotations that come with it, so why not draw on art that’s inspired you over the years? For example, if you loved Les Miserables, Cosette is a cute name to consider. Gilmore Girls fan? Try Lorelai or Rory.

Look to other cultures

Concetta is a popular name in Italy, but in the US it’s one-of-a-kind. Looking at lists of the most popular baby names in other countries gives parents-to-be a treasure trove of names with mass appeal that haven't caught on with the masses just yet stateside. Other ideas: Fleur (France), Navya (India), Isla (England), Heloisa (Brazil) and Alva (Sweden).

Pull a vintage name out of the archives

The names our grandmas had have timeless appeal -- and while many of them are trending right now, there's a deep well of granny-chic, old-fashioned name options that can hit that cool-but-not-bizarre sweet spot. Think Lily, Clara, Rosalind, Hazel or Vivian.

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