Tornado mom: New foot, big day

May 3, 2012 at 12:52 PM ET

Stephanie Decker described her Wednesday in one word: Big.

The Indiana mom of two, now affectionately known around the country as Tornado Mom, protected her kids by laying on top of them during a deadly March 2 tornado that demolished their home and took parts of both of her legs.

Yesterday, two months exactly from when the tornado hit, she got a new prosthetic foot.

“I’ve been sitting in this chair for two months…so it’s a good anniversary to stand up, stretch and  be able to do something and not just be confined to a wheelchair,” says Decker.

On her Facebook page, Decker posted a photo of the new foot, clad in a cool pair of black Nikes with pink laces, with the status update:  

It's been an amazing day for me today... Can you figure out why???...

Decker says her doctors once thought it could be close to a year before she walked again.  Apparently her grit and determination proved them wrong.

Decker credits her positive attitude and support from friends and family as helping her get to where she is today.

One thing’s for sure: Mother Nature – you can’t mess with Tornado Mom.


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