Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling asks Sarah Palin if she'll have more children

April 3, 2012 at 8:16 AM ET

Tori Spelling may have joined TODAY's Ann Curry and guest host, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, to talk about her new party planning book "CelebraTORI," but toward the end of her segment, something interesting happened: Spelling, pregnant now with her fourth child, ended up quizzing Palin about motherhood.

After Spelling noted that she had to "catch up to" Palin in the family size department (Palin has five children), Palin encouraged her to "keep going, the more the merrier" and the two were off and running about children.

"You're a real good example, a good inspiration for others, Tori," said Palin. "Accomplishing so much and having fun; you're living life vibrantly."

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Spelling said she wasn't getting much sleep, but "loving every second of it" anyway.

"It sounds cliche, but trust me, it goes by way too quickly," said Palin. "Our oldest turns 23 this month, our youngest turns four. We've got three girls in between and it goes by quickly."

And that's when Spelling proved she has the mettle to jump in with the right question. Holding up one finger, she asked: "One more?"

Somewhat flustered, Palin said, "Ah ... no -- the grandkids will come next."

You heard it here first!

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