The top baby names of 2010: Tiana's in, Jasmine's out

Dec. 2, 2010 at 10:32 AM ET

More baby name news! The folks at BabyCenter just released their Top 100 baby name list for 2010, and it’s all about the Mad Men and the Gleeks and the Disney Princesses.

Well, not all about them. Classics like Sophia, Isabella, Jacob and Ethan are still strong. But the BabyCenter rankings show a strong pop culture influence, with names from the TV shows “Glee” (Finn, Quinn) and Mad Men (“Betty”) on the rise. So are recent Disney princess names such as Demi and Tiana.

Other influencers? The Winter Olympics and, believe it or not, the Palins. Names of athletes such as Bode, Shaun and Apollo are gaining ground, as are the names of the brood of everyone’s favorite former Alaska governor: Bristol, Willow and Piper. (What, no Levi?)

So, what names are falling out of favor? Brooke, Jasmine, Alexandra and Lauren are less popular than they were last year, along with Hayden, Gavin, Colin and David.

Check out our full article and the full BabyCenter list for more on names. What do you think of this year’s hot and not-so-hot names?