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Toddler who spent life in hospital home for holidays

Dec. 9, 2012 at 1:30 PM ET

Video: Adalynn Willett, 2, was born with her intestines and liver outside her body, and has been hospitalized since birth. Now she’s home just in time for the holidays. “It's hard to imagine her sitting right here with us in our living room,” said her father. NBC’s Charles Hadlock reports.

Adalynn Willett, 2, is coming home for the holidays for the first time. The Texas toddler was born with a rare birth defect - her intestines and liver were outside her body. She's had 28 surgeries and her parents didn't know if she'd ever be well enough to go home from Cook Children's Medical Center where she'd spent her whole life. 

But recently, her parents got the best gift they could imagine.  Her doctors say she'll need to use a feeding tube for the next few years, but by the time she's ready for school she'll be on her way to a more normal life, reports NBC's Charles Hadlock.