Toddler gets starring role in movies with a little help from a creative dad

This little girl sure has a lot of star power for a 15 month old, thanks to a creative parent.

There she is, making a cameo appearance in “Star Wars,” “The Matrix,” the “Harry Potter” series and other blockbusters with a little photo editing from her dad.

Grant Davis was recently impressed by a dramatic pose his daughter Winter struck for a picture, so he decided she needed a better backdrop.

“I frequently make these silly little images and videos of my daughter to share online with friends and family,” Davis, who lives in Austin, Texas, told TODAY Parents.

“I was amused with the pose in this photo so I decided to see how many ways I could work it into various films and make her pose have different contextual meanings: defensively warding off Godzilla, reaching out for a Snitch, blasting a repulsor ray from her Iron Man glove.”

Using images from famous movies, he inserted Winter’s photo alongside iconic characters ranging from Yoda to Neo. She looks pretty powerful in each image, raising her hand with flair. 

Courtesy Grant Davis
In a tense standoff with
Courtesy Grant Davis
Looking cool in

Davis recently shared the photos on Reddit, where they are getting lots of great reviews.

He said the picture of his daughter in “Space Jam” is his favorite creation.

“I am most amused by (that) one. It is just ridiculous,” he said.

Courtesy Grant Davis
Going for the ball in

Davis is not the first parent to use photo editing software to place his child in unusual places, to hilarious effect. A Swedish dad recently depicted his baby doing everything from working on a car to hanging from a kitchen shelf with a little help from Photoshop.

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