"Warped Childhood: Restoration Hardware Style." We can't stop laughing!

Suburban Turmoil Parodies Restoration Hardware Catalog Hardware Restoration
Suburban Turmoil Parodies Restoration Hardware Catalog

Blogger Lindsay Ferrier of Suburban Turmoil was leafing through a stack of holiday catalogs last year when she came upon the one for Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. Inspired by the gorgeously impractical styling, she came up with “Warped Childhood: Restoration Hardware Style,” a series of hilarious captions to accompany the shots of chandeliers, vintage-inspired art and tufted chesterfields.

I mean, only a child named Masterson Archer Reynolds IV could have a Union Jack-themed room with clocks displaying four different time zones (all the better to know what time it is where his jet-setting parents Arch and Bitsy are). Ten months later, it went super viral; more than one million people have read it.

Because the first installment was so popular -- and because RH hasn’t gotten any less unreal—she’s written a Volume 2, which we love even more. Read, enjoy, and covet a home where children never spill, want character bedding or accumulate a basket full of ugly stuffies.

Suburban Turmoil

“When Nanny was small, she lived in a house with only four rooms!” Caspian told his siblings in a mysterious voice. “Oh that can’t possibly be true,” his brother giggled. “Where did she play?” “In a bedroom… that she shared… with her two sisters,” Caspian replied dramatically. The children shook with laughter. Caspian certainly knew how to tell a tall tale!

Suburban Turmoil

Suburban Turmoil