Saddest mini-model ever tears up on runway

June 30, 2011 at 11:54 AM ET

Jacques Brinon / AP /
The Paris runway is no playground, as this mini-model (wearing a design by Young Chong Bak) demonstrates. But what is causing his tears?

It's my runway show and I'll cry if I want to! Glamour, fashion and the patented bored, pouty expression are mainstays of Paris runway shows. While we suspect that behind the scenes a lot of crying occurs (with that many beautiful, hungry people all in one room, how can there not be crying?!), by the time models are ready to strut, they've managed to dry their tears and only look contemptuous and ravenous. Recently though, one cutie patootie, mini-male model was not feeling it -- at all -- and he cried the whole way down the runway.

Jacques Brinon / AP /
The mini-model's (chiseled, brooding) escort seems to also wonder why the child is upset.

The tragically adorable tyke was modeling for Swiss-Korean fashion designer, Youn Chong Bak, as part of the Smalto collection's spring-summer 2012 men's fashion line. It's not clear if he was upset by the high-waters they dressed him in, the overly-bejeweled lapels on his jacket or the lack of snacks in the green room, but whatever the cause, he was a forlorn little guy.

For most of the long, teary walk, the adult model holding his hand remained stoic and focused on exuding, a chiseled, brooding handsomeness, despite the somewhat comical bow-tie he was wearing. Eventually however, some humanity found its way into his perfectly-defined chest and he compassionately rubbed the little guy's curly locks.

Jacques Brinon / AP /
Ah-ha! A full frame photo may hint at the real cause for crying: Could it be the high-water trousers? The bejeweled lapels? Hang in there, little man!

We don't know what they bribed this kid with, but somehow, someone convinced him to go back out there for the final round-up. But that time, he was carried by the adult model who'd accompanied him during his initial, sniffling run. He must have charmed his taller counterpart as much as he's charmed us because he even got the guy to crack a smile for a second there.

Anyone who is surprised by this has likely never attended a wedding that had young flower girls and ring bearers. Maybe there's something about long aisles in general that just don't agree with little kids. Then again, maybe it's all of the people staring at them. Whatever the reason, they may be sad but they sure are cute.