Having a daughter changes a man... Here's proof!

Aug. 27, 2013 at 11:56 AM ET

Reddit Thread: How Has Being a Father Changed Your Perspective On Women?
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Father and Daughter

Having a daughter can change a guy, for sure. (Remember all that hoopla about Jay Z not using the word "bitch" anymore after Blue Ivy was born?) Well, the men over in the Reddit thread "How Has Having A Daughter Changed Your Perspective On Women?" were happy to share their thoughts and opinions on how having a little girl has changed their lives and their outlooks—and from sweet to insightful to utterly clueless, these dads didn't disappoint. Check out a sampling of their comments:

"It helped me to realize how much of an asshole I had been to girls I actually cared about when I was 17-23. I was never disrespectful or abusive or anything, but I could have definitely been a better person."—217to707

"Not a dad myself, but my sister told me that one time our dad was on the computer, left, and she jumped on. She saw that he had been watching a trailer of the original Exorcist from the 70s and had typed in the comments: "I used to think this film was really scary, but after raising two teenage girls, I understand that's just how they behave in general."—Tsuruta64

"It's made me notice the dearth of good toys for girls who don't want to play mommy, house, princesses or dress up. There is absolutely no reason the science kits, sports gear, and legos should be in the "blue aisles". It's like our daughters are learning that science, sports, and building stuff are boy things. PS - Except my daughter. She told her friend last night that she wanted to play ninjas with swords."—smokebreak

"It made me realize how much better we should treat the women we know and love."—darennt98 

"I think it made me more aware of women's issues, whether is equal pay or the right to choose, etc. Also, it made me more sensitive. My daughter is four and this makes me emotional."—BeerAndPretzels

"Having a daughter doesn't change your perspective of women, it changes your perspective of men. There is a lot of change still needed from them, and I include myself in that."—scealfada

"My daughter and first (only so far) was born 28 days ago. My first thought was that nothing has changed toward my perspective of women. But.... after seeing the img posts of college frats saying stuff like "thanks for dropping off your daughter" I can see myself getting out of the car and giving some youths a talking too about respecting women (and maybe getting into a fight.)."—this_is_cake_town

"My brother used to be a sexist ass, then he had two daughters... now he's just an ass."—urbanturtlefarm

"Two children. Boy and girl. When I first had my son it was the usual feelings of love and the need to protect him. However, when I had my daughter the feeling to protect her was ten times stronger. I know this feeling will go against feminists in every way, but I truly feel the need to always protect my little daughter...this will be tough to overcome when she's older, because I know I have to let her live."—dassix1

And of course, because it's Reddit...

"I read this as Farmers of Reddit... I'm still interested."—Datstankyfunk

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