Picabo, we see you! Skiing star Street on the trials and triumphs of motherhood

Feb. 17, 2010 at 5:39 PM ET

truumomconfessions.comSo it's obviously a big change for you to be on the sidelines this year, not speeding down the slopes. How's the transition been from professional athlete to "mom"?

What's been the biggest surprise for you as a parent?

OK, we want to dispel some rumors about your upbringing and your name. Were you really raised by "hippies" and along with your siblings, allowed to name yourself?

No! I think people assume that because we had a garden, pigs and chickens, and we baked our own bread (and yes, my dad had a ponytail) that we were raised in a very liberal, "hippie" household. That wasn't the case at all. My dad ran a very tight ship and we had real boundaries. We had no TV and we ran free, but we knew my mom had a whistle. If you were too far out of whistle range, you were too far from home. And as far as my name, I didn't name myself and while there's a connection to the children's game (peek-a-boo, I see you), Picabo was the name of a nearby town, and it comes from a Native American word that means “shining waters” or “silver creek.” Not many realize that you have a blended family -- with Trey -- your son from a previous marriage, John's son Eli from his first marriage and 5 month-old Dax, who you had together.

It's really a "His, mine and ours" story in our house and we worked really hard to get to the place we are -- it was the focus of our relationship for the first three years together. We knew that it had to work for our kids for it to ultimately work for us. And it's going really well! When Dax came along, he was the glue that really made everything stick. We're all a very happy bunch right now. And having a happy home is really important to us. We want to make sure that our kids look back and remember that we were the family always dancing in the kitchen, singing in the car, wrestling and playing with our horses. So... any more kids for you and John?

After Dax, we really started evaluating our time. And we came to the conclusion together that we were "complete" and really, we were done expanding our family. And then I found Essure -- a permanent birth control procedure which I recently underwent and liked so much that I'm their official spokeswoman! I really felt it was important to educate women about their options because I was really disappointed that this option wasn't originally presented to me and I had to find out about it myself!

Do you feel like there's a pretty equal distribution of labor in your house and that you and John, as parents, are on the same page?

Any other parenting secrets you would like to share?

So, what else are you passionate about now and what's on the horizon?

In addition to my work with Essure, I'm also very involved with the National Children’s Alliance, a child advocacy organization focused on awareness and prevention of child abuse, and I care deeply about helmet safety. Over the next few years, through my Street of Dreams Foundation, I have some very big plans. I want to set up a grant program and be able to make a difference in people's lives. I also want to get my charity program that I run during the Sundance Film festival up and running again after a two-year hiatus. And my horses... They are such a mirror of me and how I am and where I am. I'll always stay connected to my horses. Romi Lassally is the founder of truuconfessions.comand the author of "True Mom Confessions: Real Moms Get Real." Romi lives in Los Angeles with her husband Tom and three kids. Related stories: