Photos from our launch party: Natalie, Amy, TODAY's moms...and Justin Bieber

Oct. 12, 2009 at 2:00 PM ET

Thanks to everyone who came to our kickoff event at the digital cafe this morning! We had a great time, as you can see... From left to right: general manager Catherine Captain takes a photo of Natalie Morales, TODAY producer Alicia Ybarbo, Amy Robach and TODAY producer MaryAnn Zoellner as they take a break from signing copies of "TODAY's Moms: Essentials to Suriving Baby's First Year." Our special surprise guest, Justin Bieber, brought his mom, Pattie, to the kickoff. Justin Bieber signed posters for fans young and old. Terri Starr (left) and Bradi Nathan (right) from Our guests took home TODAYMoms bags filled with goodies While waiting in line, moms answered questions for reporter Sarika Dani. Amy Robach answers questions for our Web-exclusive video. Check back soon to hear her mommy confession! Registering for Sign up for your profile today! The line to get into the digital cafe. More Justin Bieber! View of the cafe from the Plaza.