Photo of toddler in toy convertible getting ticket from cops goes viral

Police ticket toddler convertible driver in adorable viral photo

You know that sinking feeling that comes when you see police lights flashing in the rearview mirror? One Jacksonville, Fla., driver experienced that at a very young age this week. 

Two-year-old Za'Dariyah Mishaw was driving her toy convertible car through the parking lot of her condominium complex when she got pulled over by the police. The cops, it seems, were already on the scene investigating a crime in the complex and thought the stunt would be a fun way to relieve the pressure of a tense situation.

By all accounts, Za'Dariya is as cool as the sleek, white car she was driving and immediately cooperated. She "took the ticket, and at first she was very confused,” mom Zumekia Mishaw told, adding that her daughter "is very smart and knows how to act." And when the officer told her to take the ticket and pose for a photo, Za'Dariyah pouted spontaneously. The police had asked Mishaw in advance if they could do the stunt. 

The picture, which first appeared on First Coast News’ Facebook page, has racked up 40,000 shares and 215,000 likes since earlier this week. And commenters to the page just couldn't resist. As one said, "But Officer, I was only going to Grandma's house to have milk and cookies." Another wrote, "I bet it was for the open bottle of milk and illegal applesauce... darn kids these days!"

Meanwhile, Za'Dariyah is not one to shirk her responsibilities. “She gets up every morning asking for money to pay her $4 ticket,” Mishaw says, adding that she plans to take her daughter — and her convertible —to the courthouse to settle the fine.

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