Parents put 'fat' babies on diets

Nov. 30, 2010 at 1:03 PM ET

Oh dear Lord. People are actually putting their babies on diets. ABC has this alarming story about parents worrying their babies are too fat, and even bragging about their “thin” babies. Yes, childhood obesity is a problem, and it’s understandable that parents may want to spare their children the weight problems they have struggled with over the years. But babies are SUPPOSED to be fat! What’s more adorable than chubby cheeks and chunky baby thighs? On the extreme end, a couple in Seattle was accused of starving their baby daughter and putting laxatives in her bottle to prevent her from getting fat. According to court documents, when the baby gained weight in foster care, the mother exclaimed, “Oh my God, she’s fat” and “I have a fat baby.” And we wonder why eating disorders are rising sharply among kids younger than 12? For the record, I was a fat baby, and I turned out to be a skinny kid and healthy-weight adult. (I was so fat the minister who baptized me actually had to hand me off because his arms got tired. My dad still blames his back problems on carrying my roly-poly infant self around.) Don’t want your kids to be fat? Here's a solution: Eat healthy. Kids learn eating habits from their parents. We’ve got to be role models – and putting babies on diets is not the way to start. What do you think? Have you ever worried about your baby's weight? Have your say in the comments. Related: Magazine editor admits he airbrushed out baby's fat rolls.Also related: From parody to reality, SNL skit spoofs Spanx for babies