Our family is expanding: TODAY viewers share adorable pet-assisted announcements

Over Labor Day weekend, Carrie Underwood announced her pregnancy with a little help from her furry friends, Ace and Penny.

Inspired by the country singer's pup-tastic baby bump news, we asked TODAY.com readers to share photos of their animal-assisted announcements. Check out some of our favorites below and be prepared to "awww."

Mandy, husband and pet. Mandy Underhill via Facebook
Our Bernese Mountain Dog, "Crosby," was an important part of our family photo announcement
Haley Hayman's pregnancy announcement Haley Hayman via Facebook
Twin Pregnancy Announcement!
Chelsey Storbeck Scherbarth's pregnancy announcement. Chelsey Storbeck Scherbarth via Facebook
Mindy Hayward-Hauck's announcement. Mindy Hayward-Hauck via Facebook
My pregnancy announcement from 2012 featured my kitty!
Jennifer Shelton Wilson's announcement. Jennifer Shelton Wilson via Facebook
Cooper is thrilled about her new role!
Anne Oshel Sneller's announcement. Anne Oshel Sneller via Facebook
This was my July 2013 announcement for my son who is now 8 months.
Melissa Stoddard's announcement Melissa Stoddard via Facebook
Beth Thomas' announcement. Beth Thomas via Facebook
Big brother and big sister are excited!
Rachel Cornwell Essling's announcement. Rachel Cornwell Essling via Facebook
Our pregnancy announcement 2013 with help from our fur baby.
Summer Christine Ennis' announcement. Summer Christine Ennis via Facebook
Kathryn Singer Kathryn Singer via Facebook
His promotion came early (January) but Charlie was happy to make the announcement!
Lisa Bengston Lisa Bengston via Facebook
Our two golden boys, Aidan and Finley announced their future little brother!
Kelly Foley DiJulia Kelly Foley DiJulia via Facebook
Maggie Wilkerson's announcement. Maggie Wilkerson via Facebook
My first "baby" announcing the arrival of his little sister
Cassie Murray Cassie Murray via Facebook
My announcement from 2013... This is how I told my husband we were expecting (after having kept it secret from everyone for 3 weeks while he was away for his Army Reserves training so that he would be the first to know & so I could tell him in person).
Danielle Dorenfeld Okun Danielle Dorenfeld Okun
Sara Hammond Sara Hammond via Facebook
Ashley-Duane Kumro Setter Ashley-Duane Kumro Setter via Facebook
My pregnancy was announced with my first "child" Squirt! The sign was hand painted by our baby's Grandpa and Daddy!
Andrea Pryor Kruchinski Andrea Pryor Kruchinski via Facebook
We used our Jack Russell and Belgian Malinois to announce we were expecting.
Kathy Hill Cross Kathy Hill Cross via Facebook
Andrea Cañizares Andrea Cañizares via Facebook
Wiley and Fozzy, announcing our son.
Jess Schumacher Jess Schumacher via Facebook

Thanks to all the TODAY Parents readers who shared photos — they are all so adorable we could hardly stand it. If you need a serious dose of cuteness, see the rest of the submissions on our TODAY Parents Facebook page. 

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