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Watch Snooki give birth on TV! So. Many. Questions.

Jan. 29, 2013 at 1:13 PM ET

Nicole Snooki Polizzi Gives Birth on TV Show Snooki and JWoww
Nicole Snooki Polizzi Gives Birth on TV Show Snooki and JWoww

There's not much Snooki won't share with the world. We've seen her publicly display all sorts of bodily functions, discuss private matters of health, hygiene and—let's call it intimacy and bare more skin than her father probably approves of. So, really, we aren't surprised she decided to air the actual birth of her little boy, Lorenzo, on MTV.

In tonight's episode of Snooki & JWoww!, the reality star airs her filmed delivery for the world to see. We can tell from the teaser clip (watch it below) that Snooki was stressed and anxious, but many other questions remained unanswered, such as:  

—Counting the camera crew, hair and makeup folks, your parents, the nurses and your ob: How many people were in the delivery room? (And what about you, Kourtney Kardashian?)

—Where do you find a leopard print hospital gown?

—How did you find time to apply false eyelashes when you were in labor? Did they stay glued on? Did you smear your makeup during the final push?

—Did Lorenzo come out tanned -- or was it just a little jaundice?

—Did you give birth in heels?

Watch the clip below and tune into MTV tonight if you want to see the whole thing. And if you happen to know where to find that animal print gown, please let us know.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.