Mom pregnant with 5th boy 'sobs' in funny viral photo

July 19, 2013 at 10:40 AM ET

family celebrates
Courtesy Isaac Frisbie
Brittany Frisbie "weeps" on the couch as her husband Isaac Frisbie and their four sons celebrate the news that she is pregnant with a fifth boy. The gag photo has gone viral online.

For all those moms whose households are filled with either all boys or all girls and who yearn for the next pregnancy to break that streak -- only to find out it’s not to be -- this photo is for you.

Meet the Frisbie family of Pleasant Grove, Utah: Mom Brittany, dad Isaac, plus four young boys. Mrs. Frisbie is pregnant with the couple’s fifth child, so at the 20-week mark she had her sonogram to determine the baby’s sex.

She already comes from a male-dominated family, growing up with four brothers, said Isaac Frisbie, who has two brothers himself.

“After having four boys of our own, my wife wanted a little girl to have some female companionship. Of course, we ultimately wanted a healthy child so it was (just a) preference,” he told TODAY Moms in an email.

When they found it would be a fifth boy, the Frisbies decided to celebrate with a gag photo showing all of the male members of the clan cheering the news while mom has a decidedly different reaction. The picture shows her bent over on the couch in mock misery, a box of tissues nearby on the floor, while dad and the four boys don manly costumes and smile triumphantly.

“We decided if it was a girl, I would be the one sobbing and she would be in a tiara and a tutu and a wand dancing happily,” Isaac Frisbie said.

“However, if it was a boy we would dress all our boys and me in various superhero or geek related outfits and have her pretend she was going to be overwhelmed having a fifth boy.”

The photo, recently posted on Reddit in an entry titled, ”We're gonna have another boy!!!” quickly prompted hundreds of comments, many from parents in a similar situation.

“After the third boy, I wanted to reach down my throat, pull my own uterus out and choke myself with it,” one commenter vented.

“My uncle has 7 girls… he's slightly insane at this point,” another wrote.

Back in Utah, a couple of the Frisbie boys were actually a bit “bummed” that they wouldn’t be getting a sister, but ultimately they were pleased as well, Isaac Frisbie said. The overall reaction has been happiness that the baby is healthy and all is well, he added.

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