Mom, I'm home! Surprise military reunions for Mother's Day spark tears, joy

May 8, 2014 at 10:38 AM ET

Mother's Day can be a difficult time for moms whose sons or daughters are thousands of miles away serving in the military. 

The moment when they're reunited with their babies (because, no matter that they are grown men and women serving their country, they will always be their mothers' babies) is always one to remember. With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday, here are some surprise reunions caught on camera. 

A mom got her special "trophy" when her son in the U.S. Navy surprised her at Disney World for Mother's Day last year.

A soldier named Alex came home from Korea to surprise his mom, who initially thought he was just a stranger who came over with some family members.

A soldier named Cody Adams who was stationed in Korea was able to make it home and surprise his mom while she was out at a restaurant, resulting in a double take when she saw him.

A service member with the U.S. Army came all the way back from Afghanistan only days before Mother's Day to surprise his mother at the school where she works.

And sometimes it's mom who does the surprising, like this veteran who returned from Afghanistan to see her daughter at school about a month before Mother's Day in 2011.