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Mini MacGyver caught on video picking sister's door lock

March 31, 2013 at 11:59 AM ET

Child safety locks are no match for the Bedtime Bandit.

Neither are regular locks for that matter. With all of the ease of a seasoned cat burglar, this stealthy 2-year-old was caught on video prowling his sister’s room after she’d gone to bed for the night.

Bedtime Bandit

The hilarious video is now the latest YouTube sensation. This mini MacGyver used a pair of fingernail clippers to pick the lock on his sister’s bedroom door. Cunningly, he hid the evidence by stashing the clippers before returning to his sister’s room to swipe her Pillow Pet.

Victorious, the little imp returned to his room.

According to the Huffington Post, the parents of the bandit became suspicious when their 8-year-old daughter complained that her brother was unlocking her door at night to take things from her room. So they set up a video camera in the hall at night to catch him in the act. "Sure enough, within a few seconds of closing his door and locking hers, he was at the door opening the lock," mom JoAnn Moser told the Huffington Post.

How did you discover that your kids could manipulate the child safety latches and locks?

Dana Macario is a Seattle-area mom who had to install a chain on the front door after her 2-year-old unlocked the door and announced she was going to visit her friend across the street.