Kids scared of the Easter Bunny? Well, look at him! 

It has been well-documented that those mall Santas can scare the heck out of little kids, and they are just big-bellied dudes in a red suit. So it's no surprise a large-eared, giant bunny in fake fur elicits fear.

Yes, the Easter Bunny terrifies many of the kids of TODAY fans who shared photos on Facebook of their little ones having less-than-joyous reactions to the big rabbit.

Given some of the downright scary costumes these Easter Bunnies are wearing, we totally empathize with the kiddos and hope that jelly beans and Peeps were a part of their post-photo-op recovery. 

Kristin Hazelwood-Johnston
Bobby Rustad
Arthur and Annette say:
Holly Gladfelter
Little bro to sis: Ain't no way I'm sitting here.
Kelly Burke
Mom says:
Mary Rolf
Mom says:
Dreama Camphuysen
The Easter Bunny is one thing these fraternal twins do NOT see eye to eye on.
Michelle Beebe Nabours
Get me outta here!
Molly Mack
Mom says:
Stephanie Tirrell
Mom says:
Molly Wright
I look all pretty and LOOK what he's wearing!
Maggie Simmons
Bunny haters, times three.
Mary Rivard Tantillo
Mom says:

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