See what Kate & Will's royal baby could look like at age 25! (Because someone had the time to look into it)

March 25, 2013 at 3:29 PM ET

What the Royal Baby Will Look Like at 25
nickolaylamm.com /
What the Royal Baby Will Look Like at 25

So, it's not enough that we can already see a photo prediction of what Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's little baby boy or girl will look like. (But we know it's a girl.) Researcher Nickolay Lamm has interviewed a brainy Harvard-MIT genetics grad student to figure out what the royal offspring might look like in 2038—at age 25!

Lamm learned that certain facial features have a greater likelihood of appearing on the royal offspring. Apparently, the heir to the British crown has a 50 percent chance of having blue eyes like William and 50 percent chance of green like Kate (okay, we probably could have guessed those odds). But Kate's almond eyes and olive skin are dominant traits over Will's light skin and hair and the baby-to-be is also likely to inherit mom's dimples (cute!). The baby is also more likely to have those royal broad lips as well as the hook-shaped nose shared by Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry.

We'll have to wait a few decades to find out how accurate this is—and hope that the baby-to-be gets Kate's hair.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.