And the winner of the 2013 hot dads contest is...

iVillage Hot Dads Contest 2013 Winners Andrew Ungaro
iVillage Hot Dads Contest 2013 Winners

Sure, our husbands are caring, hard-working dads—but they're also pretty easy on the eyes, too. That's why we host our annual Hot Dads Contest—so we can pay tribute to the guys we've been married to for years who somehow have become even hotter, post-babies.

This year's Hot Dads Contest received a record 1,500 entries in nine categories and a whopping 150,000 votes. Our star panel of judges including E! host Giuliana Rancic, Patch chief content officer Rachel Feddersen, TODAY Moms senior editor Rebecca Dube and iVillage editorial director, Liz Zack, narrowed down the competition to nine seriously hot category winners.

But the most smoking dad of all was Andrew Ungaro, a 37-year-old dad of two from Virginia who today was named this year’s Hottest Dad in America on the TODAY Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda Kotb. He’ll celebrate his big win with a week-long all-expenses paid vacation for two to Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina, along with a $250 spa credit. (They'll celebrate 19 years of marriage next year—so it's a second honeymoon!)

From California to Florida, meet the Hottest Dad in America, along with the eight runners-up below.

Hot Military Dad Andrew Ungaro Winning Photo

Hottest Dad in America and Hottest Military Dad

Marley Ungaro

Meet the Family: Andrew and Marley Ungaro and their two children, Langley and Grey.
Where They're From: Portsmouth, Virginia
What They Do: Andrew is a Navy Medical Officer, Marley is an artist.
Why Marley Entered Him: "He’s a really hard-working man and he doesn’t stop when he gets home—he’s always building something for us or for the kids."

Hot Dad in His 20s Winning Photo

Hottest Dad in His 20s

Shannon Bernard-Libby

Meet the Family: Deon and Shannon Libby and their two sons, Deon Jr. and Isaiah.
Where They're From: Miami, Florida
What They Do: Deon is a personal banker at Chase, currently working on his MBA; Shannon works at Nordstrom's.
Why Shannon Entered Him: "Well, he's gorgeous, of course! He's also an amazing father who works hard to provide for our family, all while going to school, too."

Hot Dad in His 30s Winning Photo

Hottest Dad in His 30s

<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Hottest Dad Over 40</h2> <p class="credit">Farrah Farthing</p> <p> <strong>Meet the Family</strong>: Harry and Farrah Farthing and their two children, Eden and Isla. <br /><strong>Where They're From</strong>: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina <br /><strong>What They Do</strong>: Harry is a writer; Farrah is a stay-at-home mom.<br /><strong>Why Farrah Entered Him</strong>: "We both had really stressful careers when we met in Europe while doing investments for American companies. When we got married and I got pregnant with our first daughter, he changed his life for our family. He resigned from his job, he moved to Charleston and decided to take a year off. But instead of going back to his old career, he’s been writing his first novel from home and we're able to really parent our two children 50/50. He's just the best dad and husband, ever."</p>
<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Hottest Tattooed Dad</h2> <p class="credit">Julia Mehl</p> <p> <strong>Meet the Family</strong>: Eric and Julia Mehl and their son, Wesley. <br /><strong>Where They're From</strong>: Indianapolis, Indiana<br /><strong>What They Do</strong>: Eric is an aquatics manager and carpenter; Julia is a stay-at-home mom. <br /><strong>Why Julia Entered Him</strong>: "He works so hard for our family so I can be a stay-at-home mom for our son and he deserves to be recognized for all of the amazing things he brings to our lives."</p>
<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Hottest Fireman/Policeman Dad</h2> <p class="credit">Jaime Shelton</p> <p> <strong>Meet the Family</strong>: Jeff and Jaime Shelton and their two sons, Nathan and Dylan. <br /><strong>Where They're From</strong>: Van Nuys, California<br /><strong>What They Do</strong>: Jeff is a SWAT Sergeant at LAX and the author of <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Golda</em></a>, a book about bullying. Jeff and Jaime also started <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, a non-profit for families in California who have children on the autism spectrum. <br /><strong>Why Jaime Entered Him</strong>: "I love my husband. We're best friends, we're partners, we work together for our two autistic boys. It's not always easy, but he always makes time to give them the attention they need, even if he's worked an 80-hour shift." </p>
<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Hottest Newbie Dad</h2> <p class="credit">Alexandra Gibson</p> <p> <strong>Meet the Family</strong>: Brendan and Alex Gibson and their two daughters, Page and Sienna. <br /><strong>Where They're From</strong>: Los Gatos, California<br /><strong>What They Do</strong>: Brendan is a software engineer for Netflix; Alex is a stay-at-home mom. <br /><strong>Why Alex Entered Him</strong>: "He’s so cute and I thought it might really embarrass him! But really, he’s such a good dad—he's so patient, sweet and kind-hearted." </p>
<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Hottest Dad With Facial Hair</h2> <p class="credit">Jessica Kennedy</p> <p> <strong>Meet the Family</strong>: Andrew and Jessica Kennedy and their daughter, Reagan—with another one on the way! <br /><strong>Where They're From</strong>: Indialantic, Florida <br /><strong>What They Do</strong>: Andrew is a leather worker; Jessica is a stay-at-home mom. <br /><strong>Why Jessica Entered Him</strong>: "I thought it would be funny and of course, he's a great dad!"</p>
<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Hottest Single Dad</h2> <p class="credit">Jenny Maas</p> <p> <strong>Meet the Family</strong>: Michael and his two daughters, Audrey and Katherine<br /><strong>Where They're From</strong>: Columbia, Missouri<br /><strong>What They Do</strong>: Michael works in sales and marketing. <br /><strong>Why his friend Jenny Entered Him</strong>: "He's a hard-working single dad who loves his daughters so much!"</p>

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