'It's amazing': Two years after 'miracle' birth, mom continues inspiring recovery

As 2-year-old Adeline Scott finds her footing for the first time, her mother, Amber is learning to walk all over again.

The young mother was nine months pregnant with Adeline, her first child, in May 2012 when she suffered a blood clot in her brain. Knowing Amber had had a migraine earlier in the day, her husband, Tommy returned to their Slidel, Louisiana home to find her collapsed and moaning on the bedroom floor.

Doctors were able to deliver Adeline by cesarean section, but Amber remained unconscious until late June. She wasn’t able to see, hold or feed her daughter until six weeks after the birth.

Now Amber, 30, is anxious to catch up on lost time, embracing Adeline every chance she gets, and working hard in speech and physical therapy.

“It’s amazing to see the progress she’s made,” said her physical therapist, Melissa Naquin. “She’s very determined. She doesn’t give up. I’ve never really seen her come in and have a really down day. She’s always given her best.”

While Adeline runs and plays with her bunny, Minnie Mouse, Amber works on regaining the strength to stand, or to pull herself into bed.

Over the past two years, her husband Tommy has been with her every step of the way.

“Just her being part of Adeline’s life and being more independent is what I’m most proud of,” Tommy Scott said.

Naquin says Amber’s progress to date bodes well for her future.

“We’ve seen how good she’s doing, and I really think one day, she’ll have a normal life,” Naquin said.

Amber is committed to walking and working again one day, and she shared this message for her little girl: “Never give up on whatever you want to do. Never, ever give up. You can do anything you put your mind to.”