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Aiden, Declan and 16 more Irish boy names we love

March 4, 2013 at 6:27 PM ET

Boy with Green Hat -- Irish Boy Names for Babies
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Boy with Green Hat -- Irish Boy Names for Babies

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, so Irish baby names for boys are top o' mind for moms-to-be who are close to their due date. And they're not the only ones who love a good Irish name, either: these monikers are all over the Social Security Administration's list of most popular baby names for 2011 (the most current year available). Check out the Irish names on the list—plus a few more of our favorites!

Irish Boy Names
, which is a Gaelic name meaning "flame," currently ranks number nine on the Social Security Administration's (SSA) baby name list.

: The name means salmon (not exactly sentimental!) but it ranks number 37 on the SSA list—perhaps because it rhymes with the uber-popular Aiden.

: We can't say we love the meaning of this name—"ditch"—but it still ranks in the top 100, at number 83.

: Ranking in at number 53 on the SSA list, Cameron means "crooked stream."

: Pronounced "kee-an" this name means "ancient."

: This Irish Gaelic name, pronounced "Killian," has two very different accepted meanings: "brilliant hair" and "church-goer!"

: Number 54 on the list, Connor means "lover of hounds." Perfect for the parents who already have a pup in the family!

: Used in English and Irish Gaelic, Declan's exact meaning is unknown.

: Means "proud one" (and makes us think of swoony actor Patrick Dempsey—not a bad thing!)

: A twist on the more-common Irish name Finn, Flynn comes from Flann and means "ruddy complected"—not, we're guessing, why it was the baby name choice for Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr's little guy.

: We love the unique Keegan, which means "little flame."

: Considering that this name, from the Gaelic Caoimhin, means "handsome beloved" we're a little surprised it isn't ranked higher than number 67 on the SSA list!

, a Gaelic name meaning "determined protector," is number 15.

Logan: It's source is Iag, a Gaelic name meaning "hollow," and it's currently ranked number 20 on the SSA list. (We think it's pretty for a girl, too!)

: A great choice for a future athlete (or ace speller), Nolan, number 93 on the SSA list, means "champion."

: This sweet name—number 44 on the SSA list—means "youth." Perfect!

: It's no surprise that this popular name is in the top 25—after all, it means "king!"

: It means "wise leader"—what's not to love?

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