Favorite Things

Hoda shares adorable story of a veteran's unlikely friendship with pre-school boy

July 14, 2014 at 10:02 AM ET

Hoda's Favorite Thing Monday is a sweet story from our affiliate KARE, about an unlikely friendship between 89-year-old Erling and his 3-year-old neighbor Emmett.


"Every now and then you see a video or news report and it totally moves you," Hoda said to Kathie Lee. "We were both sobbing." 

A year ago, Emmett stopped by Erling's garden, and their friendship started over tomatoes, which the little boy loves. 


Erling is a World War 2 veteran whose friendship with Emmett includes daily visits where the pair race lawn mowers, play croquet and fix up the toddlers bike.

Kathie Lee's
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