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Hoda Kotb hits the beach with Haley Joy and the pic is too sweet for words

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to hit the beach. It’s an even greater time when you’re a new mom.

Here’s Hoda Kotb having some family fun in the sand. Her best beach buddy: her daughter, Haley Joy!


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“Beachin!” the TODAY anchor captioned her sweet photo. Her smile couldn’t be wider as she poses for the camera alongside her longtime boyfriend, Joel Schiffman.

Haley Joy didn't look at the camera. She was busy adoring her wonderful mom, enjoying the outdoors and just being her cute self. She could use a little R&R after the busy month she’s had.

Let’s flash back to a few weeks ago, when Hoda celebrated her first Mother’s Day as a mom with this sweet snapshot of Haley Joy taking it easy in the arms of Hoda’s own mother.

Happy Mother's Day! May u spend yours in your jammies like My mom and my little girl. ❤️❤️

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Days earlier, Haley Joy paid a special visit to her mom at work, melting our hearts in about, oh, two seconds.

“I’m holding my baby on Mother’s Day weekend,” Hoda said then. “I’m so happy.”

Haley Joy even watched her first Kentucky Derby earlier this month while sitting in her mommy’s lap.

Haleys first derby! And my homemade hat courtesy of joel's sister Beth!

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We can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for Hoda and Haley Joy this summer!


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