Hey mama. Ryan Gosling has some sexy thoughts for you

Feb. 24, 2012 at 9:06 AM ET /
You can massage my swollen feet anytime, honey.
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Hey girl... you know those cankles are really sexy.

Inspired by the Ryan Gosling "Hey girl" internet meme, the moms at iVillage have put together a little slideshow of Ryan and other hot guys saying the things we WISH hot guys, or any guys, would say to us while we're pregnant. Just consider it our end-of-week gift to you. /
Strangely, Tyson's pecs are not an NTSB-approved restraint device.

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Ooh, who doesn't love a good baby name discussion?


Oh my, is it getting hot in here? We stay, why stop at pregnancy? What do you wish your guy would say to you: Hey mama. Don't worry about dinner tonight. I already made a well-balanced meal, and I cleaned up already... Hey mama, I'm checking all their homework. You go take a load off; I DVR-ed "Top Chef" for you... Hey mama, I've got this diaper change. And all of them.

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A man who knows his way around nursery design blogs... now that's irresistable.

Check out iVillage for the full slideshow. Safe for work, especially if you work with a bunch of women.

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