Grandparents go back to school to learn what's new in babycare

July 29, 2011 at 11:39 AM ET

Courtesy of Christine Pugsley Barzare /
Jodi Pugsley and her husband, Doug, hold their new grandchild, Lauren, born just two hours earlier.

Baby's on the way and the Grands are coming to "help out."

But it's been oh-so-long since they've taken care of a newborn, so the questions are inevitable: What's this "swaddling" business? Does the car seat have to be faced backwards? Why can't the baby lie on his stomach?

To tackle the generational learning curve, some grandmas and grandpas are heading back to school. Many hospitals are offering grandparenting classes that cover  what’s changed in baby-raising since they were in the trenches, from current trends in childcare to updated standards on infant care.

Jodi Pugsley of Edmonds, Wash., went to a class with her husband Doug and expecting daughter Christine Barzare.

“We learned that whatever we did with our kids, to do the opposite,” Pugsley quipped.

What do you think? Are grandparenting classes a good idea? What's something you wished your parents or in-laws had known before helping with your baby?