Go team! Super Bowl equals super bonding for many families

While the Super Bowl is all about huge men tackling, running, catching and kicking their way to football’s greatest prize, it also showcases something else: the spirit of family.

On any given Sunday from September through January, families across the country bond by watching and cheering (OK, maybe also yelling) for their favorite NFL teams. They wear matching jerseys. They break bread – or better yet, nachos and chicken wings – with neighbors, toss the football in the yard at halftime, and do victory dances when the good guys score.

With that spirit of family in mind, TODAY Moms gives a big high five to all you diehard fans who shared photos of your own football-loving family bonding. While this Sunday stars the Seahawks and Broncos, we know the rest of you can’t wait to sport your team’s true colors again next fall. Check out these happy football families:

The Parks Family
30 year residents of Tacoma, Wash., the Parks family can't wait for Sunday! Go Seahawks!

And just because your team's season is over doesn't mean your family's team spirit has to take a hit. These fans are still proud to sport their colors.

Kelly McHenry Parker
Go Raiders! Just win baby!
Kim McAllister
Next year is our year! Fly eagle fly!
Kym Klose Farr
Erika Lamky
Our poor Lions! Celebrating game day after we brought my son home from the NICU!
Anna Lopatkiewicz-Kowalski
We will get them next year. Go Bears!
Teri Hoben
Kacie Scherry Baon
Browns fans…hopefully not setting these two up for a lifetime of disappointment.

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