Funny dad's whimsical photos reveal the ups and downs of parenting

May 8, 2014 at 5:27 PM ET

Photographer John Wilhelm has a great sense of humor when it comes to parenting, and his photos certainly show it!

Image: A father wearing an underwater mask changes his daughter's diaper
John Wilhelm
Father of three John Wilhelm understands that he can never be too prepared for the mysteries of fatherhood.

Wilhelm, 43, of Switzerland, embarked on a photo project with his girlfriend Judith and their three young daughters to highlight the funny, quirky and sometimes messy side of parenting.

Image: A young girl with a funny pacifier
John Wilhelm
Smile for the camera! John Wilhelm's daughters love to ham it up for his photo shoots.

Through his surreal — and painstakingly crafted — photo illustrations, 5-year-old Lou, 2-year-old Mila and 7-month-old Yuna have battled bathtub octopuses, risked their lives for toddler-sized gummy candy and vacuumed up pesky little sisters, all while displaying sweet blue doe eyes and mischievous smirks.

Photographer John Wilhelm loves being a dad, even though it's a crazy job. In funny photo shoots with his three daughters, he creates a fanciful world that any parent can appreciate.