Duck-faced darlings: Readers share their toddlers' selfies 

While we're not sure the term 'telfie' (as in toddler + selfie) will ever take root, one thing we do know: Your little ones have some mad smartphone skills.

After we ran a story that explored the long term impact selfies will have on the smartphone generation, we asked TODAY readers to share snaps created by their own kiddos.

And share you did! Here's just a sampling of some of the precociousness captured by those very tiny fingers. Thanks to all who submitted photos.

Meloni Regan Wilde
I’ll keep this “selfie” of my sweet Sebastian forever!
Penny Lawrence-Grant
Haha, little goof!
Raquel Winslow
This 2 year old is bringing sexy back.
Stephanie Nicole Leer
My daughter loves to give herself kisses!
Sam Good
Jackson Todd loves looking at his self in my phone...occasionally we get a funny one.

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