Monday's child: Parents raiding the calendar for baby names

April 11, 2014 at 5:17 PM ET

Comedian Mike Myers and his wife Kelly already had a son named Spike, so it was no surprise that they chose another creative name for their daughter, born on Friday. The couple named her Sunday Molly — and this wasn't the only time the calendar served as name inspiration.

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman chose this name for their daughter. Kidman's father told an Australian newspaper that "Sunday" came from his mention of Australian arts patron Sunday Reed.

Tuesday Weld
The actress was born "Susan," but was nicknamed "Tu-Tu" as a child by a cousin who mispronounced "Susan." She legally changed it to "Tuesday" in 1959.

Tuesday Vargas
The Filipina singer born Marizel Sarangelo goes by this name.

Wednesday Addams
The fictional dark-clad daughter of "The Addams Family" gets two day names — her full name is Wednesday Friday Addams. Her first name is inspired by the phrase, "Wednesday's child is full of woe," from the famed "Monday's Child" nursery rhyme.

Thursday October Christian
Remember "Mutiny on the Bounty"? Fletcher Christian was the sailor who seized control from Captain Bligh in the famous real-life mutiny, and Thursday October Christian was his son, born — you guessed it! — on a Thursday in October.

January Jones
"Mad Men" actress January Jones was named for January Wayne, a character in the Jacqueline Susann novel "Once is Not Enough."

October Eggers Vida
Writer Dave Eggers' daughter is named October Adelaide Eggers Vida. Born, of course, in October 2005.

Month names too numerous to count
The months above aren't the only ones to show up on birth certificates. April, May, June and August are the most popular, with seasons Autumn and Summer making appearances.

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