There's now CrossFit for toddlers who want a more challenging workout

Sep. 20, 2013 at 1:50 PM ET

CrossFit Gantry Offers Training for Toddlers
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CrossFit Gantry Offers Training for Toddlers

We’ve heard of baby yoga, soccer leagues for 18-month-olds and, of course, those Gymboree tumbling classes that let kids roll all over each other. But CrossFit—for toddlers?

Gawker reports that a Queens, NY, studio, CrossFit Gantry, known for their eponymous "fitness and conditioning system," is introducing a CrossFit Kids program for children ages 3 to 5 (and another for ages 6 to 12). The price? Just $140 a month for one class a week or $280 for two classes a week. And you thought daycare was expensive.

According to CrossFit Gantry, a kids' class "promotes functional movement, enabling your child to move through life injury-free" and lets your child "develop critical thinking and memory by practicing complex movements and sequences, keeping track of reps and rounds and tallying scores!" To their credit, they do add in goals of teamwork and community-building -- and say that kids at all fitness levels are welcome.

We can’t help but wonder about the injury-free part (guessing that doesn't extend to CrossFit-style leaps off the couch into the coffee table at home) or exactly how the system works for kids. The obstacle course looks pretty fun, but are there box jumps, bench presses or chin-ups involved? We’re thinking we’ll let our 3-year-olds run around the playground. They may not master stand-up push-ups before kindergarten, but, hey, it’s free.

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